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Holmes & Cook are award winning experts in evaluating marketing effectiveness. By working in partnership with each client to address their specific needs, our rigorous, well informed approach guarantees relevant and reliable results. We provide clients with the tools to appraise their marketing decisions with confidence. 
Econometrics Explained 2 has just been published! 
The original ‘Econometrics Explained’ was published in 2004 as an introductory guide, covering what econometrics could do, how it did it and how to determine whether models were fit for their intended use. Needless to say, the world has moved on and many changes have occurred in the media landscape and in marketing practise. 
As econometrics is being used by more companies than ever and to address an ever growing set of questions, it seemed essential that I should update and extend Econometrics Explained to reflect current usage. Additionally, the IPA Effectiveness Databank has grown significantly during this time and it now includes many examples of econometrics being applied to tease out quite complex communicational effects. 
I feel this is definitely knowledge worth sharing, particularly with non-technicians, whose experience is often limited to their own evaluation projects. If you would like a copy or further information, please complete the form below. 

Simon Keeping, MD, Kärcher UK & Ireland says 

"Since utilising econometrics, and working with Holmes & Cook for the past 5 years, we believe we have a new insight into the effectiveness of our marketing. 
I was initially surprised how econometrics could identify and prioritise the myriad of factors that can impact on a campaign. With experience, coupled with Louise's expert guidance, we now understand and indeed incorporate these different factors when determining when, where and how much to invest. 
David Ogilvy wrote "Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore the signs of the enemy." That's how I now feel about econometrics. 
Econometrics Explained 2: 
"This is a must read... 
"In an industry teeming with "specialists" there is a risk that we leave analysis to the attribution or data team. This book reminds us that it is the responsibility of all involved in spending marketing budgets to clearly define our KPI's and to build measurement tools which seek to measure the right data not the available data. 
Equally, Louise rightly challenges our perception that econometrics is only good for TV-centric campaigns with big budgets. The case studies highlighted demonstrate smart thinking around digital measurement, interesting variables such as weather and bringing big data and models together. 
This is a must read for every client planner, account director, data analyst - in fact everyone who has any responsibility for spending marketing money effectively."  
Marie Oldham,  
Chief Strategy Officer, VCCP Media 
Holmes & Cook approach every project by immersing themselves in the business strategy and challenges. 
The staff at Holmes & Cook are always helpful knowledgeable and proactive. They found data even we didn't know existed! 
It’s rare to work with an econometrics agency so adept at translating complex information into actionable insights. 
Holmes & Cook really understand our business inside out, so they can help have a big impact on our planning and strategy. 
I'm so pleased with what it's delivered so far for us. Lots of potential to help us make better decisions in the future. 
Holmes & Cook are authors of the new IPA publication 'Econometrics Explained 2'. A copy of this can be obtained by completing the form below. 

Radio: The ROI Multiplier 

How radio can unlock millions in untapped revenue for advertisers 
See how Holmes & Cook examined more than 2,000 individual media campaigns across 517 seperate brand campaigns to determine the average ROI for radio. 
Louise Cook has published an article in Admap Magazine, explaining how to 'Get the best from econometric modelling'. 
If you would like to know more, please complete the form below and we will send you a copy. 
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