Holmes & Cook - Leaders in econometric evaluation 


Louise Cook - Managing Director 

More than a decade spent working as an econometrician in communications agencies has given me a good insight into the creative process and a real interest in understanding how communication performs. Working at BMP for 10 years I worked with some hugely talented people and was able to combine their creative and research knowledge with my technical skills to produce some very innovative evaluation – a real insight into what a multi-disciplinary team can produce when they start to ask each other questions. On the wider marketing front, where we have had very long-term relationships with clients, I have been privileged to be involved in most aspects of their marketing and again, to learn from some very skilled marketeers. 
Training my horse and taking my Landrover Defender on off-road adventures are my favourite spare time activities. Horses largely communicate via what are often subtle changes in body language. Working these out and responding appropriately is a lifetime’s endeavour and that continual process of learning and developing of the partnership makes it very rewarding. Off-road, being a good team player is critical. You need to know when to lead and when to follow, when to challenge and when to keep quiet. And sometimes you really need to keep your nerve! 

Team mascot/security 

Grimble (Jack Russell) 

My role is all about work-life balance. I firmly believe people do their best thinking in the park and the longer I spend looking down a rabbit hole, the better that thought will be. So, I make sure I come to the office at least once a week and drag Louise to the park at lunch-time. 
I’ve been to many interesting meetings and met several clients who now all ask after me. I’ve sat through a time management course and the section on energy management was good. That would be sleeping on the meeting room windowsill in the sun, waiting for the next opportunity to woof. I get to do a fair bit of woofing and I never fail to hail the arrival of the postman or a delivery van. 
The new office is fab. Nice soft carpets to sprawl on and a long hallway to chase my ball down. Mmm perhaps I’ll visit twice a week. Thursday’s are always a good choice as it’s market day in Olney - lots of other dogs in town too. 
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